Burundi – The Cinderella coffee.

With the year drawing quickly to an end. We are smack bang in the middle of Season. Meaning everyone is scrambling around to get things done before holidays and Christmas. For us roasters we are starting to think about next year’s coffee calendar.

Our mission is making sure people only drink the freshest harvest. Working very closely with the best green brokers it can be a daunting task trying to find the best and freshest harvests. Quite frankly there is just too many and I would buy all of them if I could.

Some of our best coffees this year came from Burundi. Burundi coffees being known as the Cinderella coffees of the world. Working with Ben and Kristy Carlson from The Long Miles Coffee project we had a few very interesting crops.

Our best seller being the Burundi Gitwe Natural. Its an Heirloom Bourbon varietal grown at altitudes from 1800m – 2000m above sea level. Grown on the Gitwe hills and processed in the Heza washing station. This coffee is a favourite amongst many. With flavours of berry and red grape, big juicy body and a sweet fruity finish.

Our suggestion is having it in a pour over, but which ever way you drink it the flavours will pop out and make you really think. Can a coffee taste this good? Yes, it can!!! It’s so good I even named my dog after it. And with holidays just around the corner you might want to pop in and grab yourself a bag.