We are everything Coffee

We are a specialty coffee roaster, who supply coffee to corporate companies, coffee shops, restaurants and hotels.

We also retail our specialty coffee to the public through our online store and our retail space in Parkhurst.

Not only do we sell coffee, we pride ourselves in training industry baristas, roasters and the home enthusiast to better understand the complex nature of the coffee bean.



We are not a coffee shop, but a shop of coffee. We want you to walk into our space and enjoy coffee with us.

We want to educate you and are here to take you through a coffee experience.


Where it all started

The meeting between Dirk and Wayne was done over a coffee. Dirk was looking for someone to train him on his newly acquired espresso machine. Wayne took up the challenge and the rest they say is “spent coffee”

This is a relationship built on trust and a common goal of JUST WANTING TO BE THE BEST.

Urban Grind started out of a need to experience better coffee in South Africa. Drinking better coffee means first roasting better coffee. So we had to build the Roastery!!


A Coffee guy who has been Roasting, Selling & Training industry and home enthusiasts since 2004

He has been very fortunate to roast, consult and train not only roasters, baristas but business owners in and out of African countries and overseas.

His barista exploits have allowed him to compete in foreign countries and culmination of this has been winning the 1st All African Championship in Mombasa Kenya in 2010.

Wayne has always been known as the Rebel of the South African barista scene, with his off the wall ways of roasting and brewing coffee. Pushing boundaries in all facets of coffee production.

This questioning and pushing boundaries regarding coffee coupled with the immense passion for molding and developing this wonderful product is the catalyst for Urban Grinds vision – A place of total learning and coffee enjoyment! Tamp Straight !!

“I have been in the coffee industry for the last 12 years. I started working for a big South African coffee company/ Roaster where I was involved with everything from coffee sales to training through to procurement and research and development and finishing with roasting. I left and started a coffee consulting business where I specialised in product development, training structure and roasting. I was very fortunate to travel extensively through coffee origin countries in Africa working with Roasters, cafes, farmers and cooperatives. I have travelled into Istanbul to redevelop Istanbul’s biggest roasters coffee offering and create a sales structure that is more favourable to the local coffee market. I have travelled into Hong Kong to facilitate training to some of Chinas best baristas and cafe owners.”


The Entrepreneur and Businessman

Dirk has run various successful businesses in his career spanning nearly 28 years.

Dirk Both has always been a doer not a dreamer.

The three basic principles which form a big part of his life are:

  • Authenticity
  • Integrity
  • Congruency

His love for coffee has been from an early age as he grew up only drinking roasted coffee.

Through his extensive travelling, the coffee houses in Europe were especially captivating for Dirk with its inviting rustic charm that kept caffeine lovers coming back.

It was pure fate that Dirk and Wayne would one day cross paths.


Barista Trainers & all-round Roastery guys

The guys who keep the Grind in tip top shape.

They have both started as scullers and floor cleaners in the industry and through hard work and open minded coffee making, progressed to full time barista trainers. They are national travelling baristas who travel to areas in South Africa working with clients maintaining UGR standard.

Both of them run the UGR barista sustainability program. The program, spearheaded by Wayne, is used to take enthusiastic individuals, from all walks of life, into our training system and through lengthy training programs, place these baristas into the industry.