We are not a coffee shop but a shop of coffees.


Our business is built on educating people by bringing them into this wonderful world of coffee.
We strive to take every person who walks into our space through this journey and hopefully at the end of the cup, have them leave with a better, more rounded understanding.
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Barista Course Training

Urban Grind Roasters are dedicated to not only Industry barista training but also the home enthusiast.

We believe that the only way we can sell better coffee and change an industry is by educating on what better coffee actually is!

Our training takes you through the basics of coffee understanding and constantly prompts you the trainee to broaden coffee horizons and ask questions around your coffee journey. We want all coffee enthusiasts and drinkers to understand that coffee is super subjective and what one person loves, another cant stand.

We pride ourselves on exposing people to different forms of coffee making and that there is no hierarchy in coffee or coffee snobbery.

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